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A simple trick! Never manually enter receipts again

November 2, 2023

When you buy fuel or go to a restaurant, what do you do with your receipt? Does it get squashed into your wallet, or land somewhere in your car? And when the month comes to an end, do you collect a handful of receipts and take them to the accountant with your other documents? Don't bully yourself or your accountant, download the Banqup app and make life much easier!

If the beginning of the story sounds familiar, know that with the Banqup app, you can upload invoices and receipts to Banqup even when you're on the move. Paper documents no longer need to be kept at all, as long as they're safely stored in Banqup.

Plus, automatically share your receipts and documents with your accountant in real-time, and have the confidence knowing your accountant can feed them straight into their accounting software.

Download the app and follow these three steps!

1. Download the app

Firstly, download the Banqup app for free on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Download the app to your iPhone HERE
  • Download the app to your Android phone HERE

Once you have downloaded the app, take a look at the next easy-to-follow steps.

2. Take a photo of your receipt or invoice

Open the app, click the "+" button in the bottom right corner of the screen and tap the "Take a picture" button.

The app will automatically open your phone’s camera. Place the bill or receipt on a flat surface and make sure the document fits into the green frame on the screen. The Banqup app will then automatically take a picture of your document.

3. Upload your document

Once your image has been captured, you can upload your invoice or receipt to Banqup without any data entry needed - Banqup's smart digitalising feature will read your document’s information for you and store the information in the correct Banqup data fields.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, follow these steps:

  • When you see the preview, tap the arrow icon and then the "Upload document" button.
  • If the document has several pages, tap on "Add a page to document".
  • On the next screen, select where you want to upload the invoice or receipt - either to the Documents environment or to the Purchase or Sales Invoices.
  • Confirm and specify the type of document you just uploaded - is it an invoice, a credit note or a cheque? In addition, indicate whether it has already been paid or not.
  • Finally, click on "Upload document" and it will arrive neatly in your Banqup account.

Banqup will then digitalise the document so that the information stored in the image is reflected in the correct fields in Banqup.

In addition, your company's accountant will also have access to it in Banqup and in the accounting software connected to Banqup.

Did you know the Banqup app has other useful features?

The Banqup app makes financial and admin processes easy to carry out on the go!

  • Create an invoice in seconds and send it directly from the app to your customers.
  • See when your company's invoices have been sent, opened, viewed and paid.
  • Access your customers, suppliers and documents stored in Banqup from within the app.

To find out even more about the Banqup app and it’s endless possibilities, take a look at the Banqup app.

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