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A tailor-made solution for your business!

Banqup has a tailor-made solution for every company (large or small). Regardless of the number of Documents or E-Signatures you send. We have something for everyone.

Pro Accountant

Per month

Pay multiple purchase invoices at once
Pay multiple purchase invoices at once
Pay multiple purchase invoices at once

100% digital administration with integrated payment solution.


Per month

Pay multiple purchase invoices at once
Pay multiple purchase invoices at once
Pay multiple purchase invoices at once
General Functionalities
Mobile app
Doc centre
Save all kind of documents (contracts, annual reports, etc.)
Customer and supplier database
The period of time for which documents are stored in your Banqup archive
Adapted to legal archiving period
Create and send invoices
Manual, upload PDF, import UBL, via CRM connection. Invoices can be created directly in Banqup or by importing a PDF or UBL invoice. UBL (Universal Business Language) is the standard format for electronic invoicing. A connection to a CRM application is also possible.
Receive invoices
Automatic data extraction from PDF (OCR)
Automatic data extraction from PDF by software (OCR - Optical Character Recognition), no manual validation.
Data validation of extracted data
Validation will correct or complete missing fields or faulty information
Send invoices via PEPPOL
PEPPOL: A European network for sending and receiving e-invoices.
Accountancy software integration
There is an option to connect to accounting software.
Personalise your plan with extra services
Signing service
Price: £20 per month (40 signatures included)
*The prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT (20%).
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If your company is part of an industry or ecosystem where digitisation and robotisation can help optimise financial processes and insights, you may be a valuable partner to be part of the Unifiedpost ecosystem.

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What is Banqup?

Banqup is the simplest and smartest digital administration tool. Banqup simplifies administration and finances processes by providing businesses with the opportunity to manage all their administration, invoicing and payments on just one digital platform. With Banqup, businesses spend less time on admin and invoicing, and more time making their business thrive.