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Secure, legal document signatures with Banqup

A secure and legally recognised electronic method for signing documents, eliminating the need for physical paperwork.


Easy and secure e-signatures

When it comes to signing documents, going digital with secure electronic signatures is the way forward. Using Banqup’s sign functionality, your business can easily exchange business documents that require a secure, legal, electronic signature.

Because isn’t it more convenient, efficient and reliable than having to deal with paperwork?

Use internally and externally, and say goodbye to the hassle and risks of physical paperwork! Say hello to easy, secure signatures with Banqup.

The simple process

How does it work?

With Banqup, secure and legal document signing couldn’t be simpler.

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Upload your PDF document into Banqup

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Select your document and add either your addressee’s name, email and requested signature level - this could be your colleague or your client

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Send your document to your addressee and it will appear in their inbox (or Banqup platform) in seconds

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Have visibility of document opens, views and when your document has been signed

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Store all signed documents in your Banqup secure digital archive, accessible for whenever you need

Why Banqup

How do I benefit?

Simple collaboration

Easily collaborate with your colleagues and clients using Banqup’s sign and document sharing functionality, and say goodbye to the constraints of physical paperwork.

All-in-one solution

Document signing, e-invoicing, billing and digital payments, all with just one solution!

Business processes on the go

For both you, your colleagues and your clients! Everyone can send, sign and receive signatures using their smartphone, tablet or desktop device.

Get started with Banqup

Don’t waste time with manual, physical signatures. Get started with Banqup’s sign functionality and enjoy the many other document, invoicing and billing features that Banqup has to offer.

Get started