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How to create an invoice in less than a minute

January 30, 2023

How long does it take you to create an invoice? Well, with Banqup, you can create and send an invoice in under one minute! The key to easy and quick invoices is simply preparation – arrange a few settings, make some tiny adjustments and you will never have to manually create every invoice ever again! So let’s get started.

1) Fill in your company details

Your main company data is already available in Banqup thanks to the interface with the Business Register, but with a few more bits of information, invoice creation will become even easier.

In your Banqup account settings add your:

  • Company contacts
  • Website address
  • Account numbers
  • Company logo, so that each and every invoice is branded  

2) Set your invoice preferences

No longer waste time entering a whole range of manual invoice information. Instead, set your preferences in your Banqup platform (Settings > Invoices > Create invoices). Here you can:

  • Comment (visible just above your invoice’s content) – Add information on special offers or other important business details
  • Automatic numbering – Set the invoice numbering logic so that Banqup adds the invoice number to your invoice itself
  • Additional information at the foot of the invoice – Add more information about your business such as your contact details, opening times or business slogan
  • Account numbers – To make it even easier to pay
  • Payment due date – To make you get paid consistently on time
  • Layout – Even choose what your invoice looks like. Head to Settings > Invoice layout
  • Automatically see your new information on each invoice. But don’t worry! You can amend the information on individual invoices if needs be.

3) Add products-services to the catalogue

Do you have a range of popular products and services that appear on most of your invoices? Add them to your Catalogue and see them on your invoices in a matter of clicks.

Create or import your product catalogue in no time: Head to Settings > Sales Invoices > and click on "Product Catalogue".

4) Import your customer data

Just like your products and services you may have customers that regularly appear on your invoices. Instead of typing up their information every time, add their information in your Customers and Suppliers. Once entered, you can easily select your customer and their details will be added to your invoice in seconds.

So just a few minor adjustments later and you have easy invoice creation in seconds!

For further instructions and tips on additional options, click HERE to read detailed instructions via the Banqup Help Desk.

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