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Part 2: Starting and processing your digital administration at the right time

March 6, 2023

More and more businesses are realising that piles of paper are no longer the way forward. Especially when it comes to your accounting. Paper based accounting is becoming a thing of the past, and more businesses are turning to digital accounting to work more efficiently.

In part 1 of this blog series, we explained how moving towards digital administration is already a step in the right direction. In this part 2 blog we will help you decide when is the right time for your move.

When should I start my move to digital administration?

Moving towards digital administration is the right idea if you want to create time-saving, seamless and secure admin processes. Moving to digital administration straight away may seem like the best idea, but it is important to plan the transition and take the carefully guided steps.

Starting at the beginning of a new quarter or - better yet - of a new fiscal year is ideal: all your documents within the quarter or the fiscal year will therefore be digested, allowing you to have everything in one place. This way you save time and you don't risk that certain data from the quarter or fiscal year has been missed.

Even when transitioning at the start of these periods, it is important to consider advanced planning and making sure you are following the right transition steps.

Putting admin on your agenda

Most likely, your administration isn’t the best part of your job. This is why administration is usually put off until the last minute, therefore causing a lot of hassle.

This is why it is important to have a certain time each week that is for your admin. Once you have moved to digital administration, this time of the week will be nowhere near what it used to be. Therefore the set-time seems less daunting.

Once you have chosen that moment, plan it into your weekly agenda and, if necessary, that of the entire company.

Do it digitally

Digitalising your admin will make the whole process much simpler and smarter. Choose a digital administration software provider that simplifies invoice processing and offers you an automatic financial overview. Banqup is an example of this software, and exists as a solution that reduces the hassle from your administration.

Keep learning about digital accounting. Take a look at part three of our four part series and discover the next steps to help you achieve full digital accounting.

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