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Unlocking business potential: Secure & convenient document signatures with Banqup

August 2, 2023

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) face the need for secure and efficient document handling.

Enter electronic signatures - the game-changer that eliminates manual processes and speeds up online document exchanges. With Banqup's Sign solution, small businesses can now enjoy the convenience of electronic signatures, while streamlining their operations and embracing a more sustainable, digital future.

Take a look at what Banqup’s Sign solution and electronic signatures are all about, and discover the benefits for your business.

Benefits of electronic signatures

Electronic signatures considerably reduce document processing times. Transactions that used to take several days can now be finalised in a matter of hours or even minutes. No longer does a business have to wait for physical signatures or even wait for the time it takes to print a document, sign and scan it back to the sender. Electronic signatures eliminate all this manual, time-consuming work!

What's more, electronic signatures guarantee the integrity and authenticity of documents, reducing the risk of fraud and forgery. Electronic signatures ensure the identification of signatories and preserve the integrity of documents thanks to time stamping and secure tracking.

The electronic signature reduces the use of paper and in some countries is legally recognised as a valid signature, making online transactions and administrative processes more secure against the risk of fraud.

Are there different types of electronic signature?

Electronic signatures can be defined in three different categories.

1. Simple electronic signature

This is the most basic form of electronic signature. It consists of a set of electronic data attached to, or associated with, other electronic data to identify the signatory and attest to their consent.

The simple electronic signature can be used in a variety of contexts. These include commercial contracts, authorisations for financial transactions, bank transfers, online payments and loan applications. Notably in employment contracts, electronic payslips and holiday authorisations.

Note that the validity of the electronic signature may vary according to local laws, and some documents may require higher levels of security.

2. Advanced electronic signature

The advanced electronic signature is a more secure form of electronic signature. It is based on an electronic certificate issued by a recognised certification authority. This certificate is uniquely linked to the legal person holding it, and is used to create an advanced electronic signature.

3. Qualified electronic signature

The qualified electronic signature is the most secure and robust form of electronic signature. It is based on a qualified electronic certificate issued by a qualified certification services provider.

The qualified electronic signature is considered to have a legal value equivalent to that of a handwritten signature.

How can electronic signatures be used in practice?

An electronic signature is recognised if it meets certain criteria. Only certain tools can meet these criteria. Banqup Sign is a powerful tool that greatly facilitates the signature process, whether in a simple or advanced way. This tool allows you to sign documents electronically, guaranteeing the security and authenticity of the signatures.

Using Banqup Sign, it is possible to track every stage of the signing process, keeping a clear and precise record of the various actions carried out and the people involved. This feature is particularly useful in the event of a dispute, as proof of each stage is easily accessible and can be produced without difficulty.

In this way, Banqup Sign contributes to the rapid resolution of any disputes relating to the signing of documents, by providing an efficient and reliable solution for managing electronic signatures.

How to get started with Banqup Sign

Banqup Sign can assist your business with the secure, electronic document signatures you need. With Banqup Sign, you can be confident that your electronically signed documents are secure, valid and authentic.

To express your interest, or to speak to a member of the Banqup team about Banqup’s Sign solution, contact us today.

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