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Share documents with your accountant in Banqup

March 13, 2023

Your Banqup will already have lots of different documents - sales invoices, purchase invoices, receipts. But how do you hand them over to your accountant? Do you attach them at the end of the month to an email, or do you even store them all in a shoebox and hand deliver them? It all sounds like too much work, and too much time wasted.

With Banqup, you can send both invoices and receipts to your accountant automatically, digitally and in real time. There are quite a few ways to do this - pick which suits you best:

  • Your accountant’s accounting software
  • Banqup's Document Center
  • Automatically by email
  • Add your accountant to Banqup

Share documents directly with your accountant’s accounting software

Once your accountant joins Banqup, they can seamlessly feed your digital documents, invoices and receipts from Banqup to their existing accounting software.

This can all be done automatically and in real-time, meaning that you don;t have to alert your accountant or send them any of your documents. It’s also a positive for your accountant too! No longer will they have to manually enter data, or feed information into various platforms.

Banqup connects to a range of accounting software. Get in touch with the Banqup Support Team to see which softwares are compatible.

Banqup’s Doc Center

In the Banqup Doc Center, exchange documents with your accountant in both directions. Exchange invoices, digitalised receipts and also invoice attachments, comments, contracts and any other documents your accountant may need.

When either yourself, or your accountant, adds a document, the other will receive an email notification.

For more detailed instructions on how to share documents automatically in the Document Centre take a look at the Banqup Help Desk article.

Automatically by email

Although at first glance this option may not seem like a great leap forward, it actually has a big advantage over the usual email and email attachments. Mainly because this option is now automatic!

For instructions on how to share documents automatically by email, click HERE.

Add your accountant to your Banqup

If your company's accounting is handled by an accountant, simply add your accountant to your Banqup account. To find out how to do this, take a look at the Banqup Help Desk article HERE.

And that’s it! Easy and seamless document and invoice exchange with your accountant, in a variety of ways, all in a few simple steps.

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