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Why should your business digitalise your administration?

March 12, 2023

Paper administration can create a lot of obstacles and increased workload for many businesses. Loose paper, filing cabinets, data entry and carrying out manual tasks. A simpler and smarter solution exists. A digital administration solution.

Less time on admin, more time on your business

With digital administration your business will no longer need to edit invoices onto a spreadsheet, search for receipts and contracts or spend a lot of time creating and distributing invoices.

All of these tasks can be carried out digitally and reduce the time spent on each.

Using the Banqup solutions your receipts and documents can easily be scanned through the Banqup app on your smartphone. Invoices and contracts in a PDF format or scanned copies are read, saved and archived onto your digital Banqup platform. Thanks to the integrated OCR (optical character recognition) software, your information and data in your documents is automatically and placed into the right digital fields.

This not only saves you time, but reduces the chance of human error as manual data-inputting is greatly reduced.

Easier and faster transfer to your accountant

No longer will you need to spend time forwarding details to your accountant.

Whether you currently email your information to your accountant, or physically take paper receipts and invoices, both methods can become obsolete with digital administration by Banqup.

Choose whether to automatically share all of our financial documents and information with your accountant, or select per document. Your information will then go straight to your accountant and straight into your accountant’s software.

Whichever method you choose, Banqup’s functionality means that your accountant gets the information they need, without the hassle of your business carrying out the work.

Less paper, more space

Thanks to digital administration, you no longer need to sift through folders of paper, years of filing cabinets.

Digital administration with Banqup means that you simply upload your documents to the Banqup platform and then store and archive your documents via your safe and secure Doc Centre for up to 7 years.

With Banqup’s search and filter capabilities, you can simply find the document you are looking for, no matter how old it may be.

Less chance of human error

Banqup’s built-in optical character recognition software (OCR) means that you no longer have to fill in account numbers, tax amounts and invoice details. The less data-inputting that is required, the less chance of human error.

When your clients or suppliers also work with Banqup it will become even easier to check invoices.

More organised

As all documents will be neatly arranged on the Banqup platform with clear charts to show payment due dates, upcoming payments and even more, you always have a complete overview of your documents and your business’ financial state.

Are you ready to give digital administration a go?

Register now for the Banqup platform and get started. And if you feel like you need a helping hand on the way, take a look at our helpful guides and FAQs.

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