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How to easily upload invoices and receipts

March 15, 2023

Do you still have cabinets bursting with files containing all your invoices and receipts from the past 6 years? Do you know where to start to look for individual documents?

With Banqup you have a simple and smart digital solution where you can accept, upload, process and store all your invoices and receipts.

How to upload your invoices into Banqup

There are four different ways to upload your invoices into Banqup.

  1. Using the drag and drop function. Simply drag the invoice from your folder and drop into Banqup.

  2. The Banqup mobile app gives you the option to take a photo of your receipt, or simply upload an invoice.

  3. Using your own personalised email address you can transfer all invoices received by mail to your Banqup platform. You can also share this personalised email address with your suppliers. In doing so, they can send their invoices directly to your Banqup account. This will speed up your processing procedure.

  4. Finally, another option is to receive your purchase invoices directly via Banqup. This is possible when your suppliers use Banqup too. They can send you a digital invoice directly, meaning the invoice arrives in seconds and is processed immediately.

Indicate the type of document

Once the image has been captured you will be given the option to upload your invoice or receipt. Tap on the up arrow on the overview page and then tap ‘Upload Document’. If the document has several pages, tap ‘Add page to document’.

On the next screen choose where you want to upload the invoice or receipt. Is it an invoice/receipt for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable or a document for your Banqup Doc Center? Tick your choice and tap ‘Upload’.

Next, confirm and indicate the type of document you have just uploaded. Is it an invoice, credit note or an expense? Select your choice and state whether you have already paid the document or not.

Finally, tap on ‘upload document’ to place your document in your Banqup account.

Processing and approving an invoice

When an invoice arrives in Banqup, it receives the status ‘Currently processing’. This means that the data on a photo or PDF are in the process of being read. Banqup’s OCR (optical character recognition) technology will scan your invoice and convert the details into a digital invoice.

Sound like a simple and smart solution to you?

Share the document with your accountant

Congratulations! You have now successfully uploaded the document into your Banqup account! To share the documents with your accountant, you can either accept them for Accounts Payable or send/archive them for Accounts Receivable. Find out more via our blog.

Bonus Step

You can throw away or shred paper invoices and receipts. Everything is safe and confidentially captured on Banqup! Now your car and cupboards will look much tidier. Sound like a simpler and smarter solution to you?

To learn even more about invoicing with Banqup, check out Banqup’s invoicing feature.

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